With the main 2018 racing season now behind us and the travel season calming a bit, you’d think that we’d be taking time to relax and recover. Not so; there is always another race in which to compete, and even a small social event is enough to bring out our competitive natures!

This weekend Row Venice in cooperation with the Remiera Cannaregio held its first International Women’s Regatta; 6 competitors arrived from Oxford’s City Barge boat club (the only Venetian rowing club in the U.K.) to team up with some of Venice’s top female champions to brave the wavy race course just north of the city. This was the City Barge women’s first all-female Venetian regatta in these lithe, if briscolose (wobbly) traditional mascarete craft, but from their enthusiasm, we think they will be back for more.

Visiting Venetian rowers Pauline and Sue who were also intending to compete in the Regata del Secolo (Regatta of the Century) hosted by the Voga e para club on Burano will have to wait another year as it was unfortunately postponed to November 11th due to the forecast of rain and strong winds. The Regata del Secolo is the annual race where the ages of the 2-person mascareta crew must combine to 100 years or more (hence the name).