Supporting the Venetian Voga Tradition and Sharing It with the World

Row Venice is a non-profit organization of passionate women vogatrici, Venetian by birth and by choice. We are dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Venetian cultura acquea and at its center, the voga alla veneta, the Venetian style of rowing: standing up, facing forward, native to Venice and made iconic by the gondoliers.

Row like a Venetian. Get off the beaten path and onto the Venetian waterways in our beautiful bateline and try it yourself!

Row Venice to sustain Venice.

No motors. No wake. Private lessons in rare, traditional Venetian batele craft.

All in the family

No age limit – kids row by themselves, or along with a parent or your instructor.

Evening Row in the Grand Canal

Experience Venezia at her most serene — by oar.

Just rewards.

Why not follow your hard work learning the voga with a stop at a local bàcaro…or two?

If you don't Row Venice, you don't know Venice.

Venetian Rowing Lesson

The Cichetto Row

Evening Row Grand Canal

Looking for something different to do in Venice, something truly authentic and un-touristy? Row Venice gets you off the beaten Venetian path and behind an oar, offering you the possibility to experience the rich heritage of this unique rowing style first-hand.

While getting a taste of this exhilarating, inherently green and sustainable activity, you’ll also be supporting our non-profit organization’s goals to support women who race, kids who learn, and organizations who work to keep the voga an integral part of the city.

You’ll play a part in simultaneously raising international awareness, and generating broader support for the role of the voga and typical Venetian boats as a vital part of Venetian heritage.

By participating in—not just observing—this unique, very-Venetian activity, you’ll support our cause while acquiring a visceral connection to the city that is both historic and intimate. You, too, will understand that

There is nothing more Venetian than the Voga.

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Jane Caporal, along with 5 other Row Venice instructors and voga veneta champions who rowed with members of the Richmond Bridge Boat Club in the 2018 Vogalonga (the 30km rowing event held in Venice each spring) traveled across the Channel this weekend. They are...

Rowing Lessons and Acqua Alta

Sometimes people who have lessons scheduled with us write to ask if they need to cancel their Venice trip due to the high tides. This is because they (logically) equate a tidal flood with the flooding of a river or other body of water, when it often takes days or...

Oxford Women Row (and race!) Venice

With the main 2018 racing season now behind us and the travel season calming a bit, you'd think that we'd be taking time to relax and recover. Not so; there is always another race in which to compete, and even a small social event is enough to bring out our...

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