As the official Venetian regata season has drawn to a close, we at Row Venice are starting to take a look back at our accomplishments this year. Just to name a few…

For instructor Elisa Costantini and her rowing partner Elena, the hard work and sacrifice of non-stop training throughout the year paid off handsomely with an ‘historic’ upset at the Regata Storica over reigning ​champions​ Anna Mao and ​Romina​ Ardit. Elisa and Elena’s brilliant 1st place finish in the most important regata of the year was the icing on the cake for what has been a very successful year for all our racing instructors.

A First Off the Race Course

Another historic first for 2019 was our live-streaming Facebook coverage of the entire Regata Storica from the home of We Are Here Venice and their balcony overlooking the Grand Canal. We acquired over 4000 individual views this year, and tried to bring some understanding as to what viewers were seeing during the costumed Corteo Storico as well as all the races that followed. It was a beautiful afternoon and we hope our viewers enjoyed it! Many thanks to Jane da Mosto and We Are Here Venice for making this first attempt possible. We already have plans to make our coverage more thorough next year!

Below is the Storica day interview with Jane Caporal by London journalist Rachel Spence.

Rock on, Rocco!

Not everyone is aware that we also sponsor Venetian youth. This year we had the satisfaction of seeing a young athlete Rocco Rumonato whom we sponsor and his rowing partner Luca develop into one of the strongest and fastest young crews around, taking first place in both the Regata Storica and Burano regata.

But Wait, There’s More

But the competitive racing fun doesn’t stop at the end of the Venice city-wide racing season.

On September 28, Elena Almansi took first at the National Stand-up Rowing Championships (Voga in Piede) held near Lake Como. We have three instructors rowing in the upcoming Festival of Sant’Erasmo mixed-crew regata on 6 Oct. Row Venice is also hosting the 3rd annual International Women’s Regata with rowers from Oxford and Richmond the next weekend, followed by the women’s Regata del Secolo, or Regatta of the Century (ages of the crew must add up to 100+ years) on Burano the weekend after that. There’s even a traditional Christmas regata alla valesana (one person, one oar in each hand), in Santa costumes in December. Any excuse to race, and that’s what we do!

It’s not all racing, of course.

Row Venice participates in numerous Plastic-Free Venice initiatives throughout the year, in fact you can keep your nets ready during your lesson anytime to help keep Venice canals pristine. If you’re trying to book and see a block of lessons unavailable, it may be because we have scheduled free lessons for students of local high schools.

And for the future?

Row Venice is proposing to the Comune that Venice take a step back into the past to offer travellers a lift from the rail station to nearby hotels, in a comfortable Venetian sandolo Buranello crewed by young rowing experts. This program would offer visitors an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered wave-creating transport, along with work opportunities for young expert athletes.


Many Thanks

Finally, we want to thank each and every one one of our rowers and readers for your support of Row Venice. Because of you, we are able to spread knowledge of the voga alla veneta as both a style of rowing and a highly competitive sport.

Stay tuned for future developments!