Your questions answered here.

Can my friend/spouse/companion come along and watch?

Sure! Just be aware that the cost is calculated according to the number of people in the boat, whether they row or not.


How many people can fit in a boat?

We have three rare batelina that hold up to four people each. If you have 3 children under 10 years old, you may book for four people, but list your children’s ages in Tell Us More. PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, if the instructor deems that the group is older, larger, or heavier than the equivalent of four adults, one person will have to stay behind.

If you have a group of 5 people you will either need our larger batela, or two boats (this will also to allow more of rowing time per person). We do keep boats close together for groups, this provides good photo opportunities as well. You may book two boats or the single, 5 person batela directly on our web site.


Are these private or group lessons? Will we be with other people?

All our lessons are private. We do not combine people, groups, or lessons. However, you are welcome to try and find someone to share the lesson with. Check out

or search ‘solo traveler connect’ for more possibilitis. You might also check with the concierge at your lodging.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Of course! You can purchase a gift certificate here, either for an amount or a specific activity. You will receive a voucher code that you may pass to your recipient; they will then redeem it when they reserve a lesson date and time of their choice. They can even move their lesson to a different time up to 48 hours in advance at no charge.

Has anyone ever fallen in?

Never! Our lovely batella boats are stable, spacious and deep; the only way you’ll ever end up in the water is if you jump in on purpose.


What should we wear?

Just wear loose, comfortable clothing and flexible shoes. On summer afternoons, it can be very warm, so bring a hat, perhaps an umbrella, and some water with you (we’ll have some, too). When it’s cool, layers are the key, because when you row you’ll warm up immediately, when you sit and ride while your companion rows, you’ll cool off just as quickly.


Can you pick us up from our hotel?

We can’t; all lessons start and end at the Row Venice meeting point.

Where do we meet?
For directions, search Row Venice Meeting Point in Google maps, or click MEETING POINT page for detailed instructions (also in your confirmation). Be sure to keep our mobile numbers handy should you need an assistance, or to let us know you’ll be delayed.
Can kids row? Are there age limits?

Kids five and six years-old will be able to row either by themselves or with some help from a parent or the instructor, kids 6 and up will be autonomous as long as they can concentrate.

4 and 5 year-olds can row along with their parents or the instructor.

Kids under 4 years are free, and can row alongside their parents if they like.

Where does the lesson finish?
The lesson finishes at the starting point. We can sometimes arrange for an alternate drop-off along the return route, but this will shorten your lesson, as the batela will need to be at the starting point for the lesson following yours.
What happens if it rains?

Please reserve early in your stay in case we need to reschedule in the rare case of inclement weather. We can’t row in heavy rain, and high winds (20km / hr and above) may also prevent us from conducting your lesson.

If severe weather is predicted the day prior to your lesson, we will get in touch to reschedule. Otherwise, weather is famous here for changing quite frequently so se’ll wait until about an hour before your scheduled lesson to see if it’s possible to row.

Make sure to stay available via and/or text messages for rescheduling; if we must cancel definitively, we will refund your payment – €5 administration fee.

When should we reserve? Can we wait until we arrive?

Our Venetian rowing lessons are very popular, if you want a specific time or need more than one boat, we recommend making your reservation more than two months in advance, more if it’s during a holiday or school break week.

All lessons are reserved on our website with our booking system.

I am above-average weight/height. Can I still row?
Agility is more important than weight. You need to be limber enough to get in and out of the boat, and shift around easily once you’re rowing as you trade places with your companions, etc.
Why do you keep nagging me about a mobile phone number?

Venice is a confusing city, even for us locals. We want to know you’re on your way if you’re late, and be able to give you more directions should you need them, and let you know if there are weather problems.

We won’t contact you unless we need to, but if you are late, with a cell we can try and track you down, and if you get lost, you’ll only need to give a call or text, and we’ll guide you in. If you have no cell or smartphone, there’s nothing we can do. iMessage and Whatsapp messages work just fine.

 Still have questions? Contact us.