While a dedicated international fund-raising community has contributed generously to the preservation of Venetian art and architecture since the 1966 floods, the impact of social issues resulting from declining resident population, and acute infrastructure damage due to incessant motorboat wave motion are routinely overlooked.

Water taxi wave motion on the Grand CanalFor rowing and traditional boating, these elements combine to have a two-fold impact. It means the preservation of boating traditions, through active participants, are under threat by declining enrollment in rowing clubs, i.e. the number of Venetian rowers. Secondly, with the growth of visitors expected to reach as many as 40 million annually by 2015, the resulting effect on canals and the lagoon with the wakes/washes and propeller actions of the logistical infrastructure (barges, delivery boats, water taxies, vaporetti) will be devastating.

Voga lagunaAs one of 24 million visitors a year, you can do your part to minimize your impact on the waterways:

  • use the vaporetto public transport
  • use the Alilaguna service for port and airport water transfers.
  • If you hire a private water taxi, try sharing it with others, as they’re licensed to carry up to 12 passengers
  • please don’t ask your taxi driver to speed; instead remind him to avoid creating a wake.

Promote the lagoon ecology by taking public transport and riding in oar-powered boats whenever possible. There are classic Venetian barges and sail boats as well as the gondolas.

Help keep Venice afloat…Row Venice!