Squero and Cichettata: Historic Boatyard Tour & Refreshments

Lesson followed historic boatyard tour and typical refreshments of cichetti and light sfuso wine.

Perfect for larger groups or discriminating travelers looking for something authentic and out of the ordinary.

Squero Casal historic boatyardYour rowing instructors will drop you off at the entrance of the 500-year-old Squero Casal, that was until the 1920s a working boatyard, now housing an extraordinary collection of traditional boat artifacts and boats.

We’ll conduct a 40 minute tour of this one-of-a-kind collection of original traditional Venetian boat artifacts, from felze gondola covers, to boat building tools and implements, to forcola oarlocks and oars, to fishing and sailing rigging, tillers, rudders, boats and boat models, and much more.

CichettataWe’ll finish your outing with a Venetian ‘cichettata’: a generous selection of traditional finger foods and light ‘sfuso’ wine (non-alcoholic drinks also provided); we guarantee both the wine and cichetti taste even better when enjoyed in this authentic, evocative atmosphere.

Squero e Cichettata details

  • All outings are private.
  • Lesson, boatyard tour and refreshments will last 2 hours 30 minutes in all. We can condense this somewhat but cannot adjust the cost.
  • Cost is €100 per person. For fewer than 5pp, the cost is a fixed €500.

Booking Procedure

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  • Book the required number of boats for your group using the promo code squerotour. This will hold your boat reservation and allow you to defer payment.
  • If you need an additional boats to satisfy the size of your group, let us know.
  • We recommend booking the 10 am lesson time if you are following the outing with lunch.
  • We will manually add the Squero Tour to your outing, you may then return to your booking and pay.

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