Vogata di Sera: Evening Row Canal Grande

Only when the masses of day-trippers have abandoned the city does Venice reveal her true charms. And only to the few who choose to experience it rowing her canali silenziosi, does she express her gratitude.

Most of the millions who travel to Venice each year are in the most fretful hurry, anxious to check off one of their European “must-sees.” Only for those who slow down just a bit will Venice reveal her endless secrets, including the spectacle of rowing the Grand Canal as the sun sets.

Vogata di Sera evening row Canal Grande allows you to experience what only a local vogatore knows. The intricate silence of the maze of side canals that, no longer agitated by the day’s traffic, mirror before you the gleaming palace lights and more humble garrets above them. This is the Venice that ensnared Ruskin, Casanova, Browning and Byron, the Venice obliterated by daylight activity and available only to those who seek it out.

The Vogata di Sera Evening Row starts at sunset (after sunset in late September and October). The lesson takes place in the Grand Canal with passages down smaller side canals. And, if you’re dining in the Cannaregio area, we may be able to arrange to drop off after your row.

Details, Evening Row Grand Canal

Vogata di Sera Evening Row Canal Grande takes place from 8pm on from May through October, and at 17.30 from November through March.

The outing cost is €180 for 90 minutes for each batelina (for 1-4 participants); book the larger batela for groups of 5 only for €320.

Note that a restaurant drop off may shorten lesson time

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