Grazie mille from Row Venice

The women of Row Venice offer their profound thanks for your consideration and encouragement.

It really means a lot to us to receive messages of solidarity from all over the world during this extraordinary time, especially from you who have learned to row with us, and as such have experienced first-hand why we are so devoted to the voga alla veneta.

Your greater understanding of why it’s critically important to maintain it as a sport and as a unique tradition integral to the city, is truly appreciated.

Row Venice delivers organic produce during the lockdown

photo credit Elena Almansi

During the lockdown, our instructors have been busy volunteering for local organic produce companies in the area, making city-wide home deliveries by oar in our batele. It has been rewarding for us and, we hope, helpful to the community.

While we wait for visitors to return and lessons recommence, we will continue to work toward our goals and stay busy with community projects that would benefit from your support:

  • We are committed to sustaining our women athletes despite the current uncertainty regarding if and when the Venetian regatta season will commence.
  • Our free lessons for local high schools will recommence with the school year in September
  • Individual courses for residents will start again as soon as the lockdown ends.
  • Row Venice has taken on restoration of the beloved caorlina Garangheo. With its regular attendance at Venetian regattas, this historic boat—a large craft capable of sailing and rowing, traditionally used for fishing expeditions—provided a lively and festive atmosphere for racers and attendees. (In Venetian, its name means just that, a gathering among good companions.). In need of substantial repair, we intend to see the return of this historic boat to the regattas where it belongs.

To support our work, you may make a tax-deductible donation in any of the following ways:

1. Through Paypal to (Remember that even with Paypal you may pay with any credit card you like. Also, if you use the Friends and Family option, Paypal will not take a commission.) Or, click below to

donate €25
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2. By purchasing a gift certificate for any amount through out booking system.

3. By sending a wire transfer to the coordinates in the footer of this page.

Donation receipts available on request.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and once again, your support is appreciated by us all.

Grazie di cuore!

p.s. You can purchase a Row Venice t-shirt here at cost. Make sure change the website to your country to yours to contain shipping costs!