Cicchetto Row

Once you’ve become comfortable behind a Venetian oar, why not use it to go somewhere? And what better destination than a local bàcaro…or two.

If there’s anything more enjoyable the learning to row Venetian style, it’s learning to eat Venetian style. Combine the two with Row Venice’s unique Cicchetto Row, when after a lesson to hone your voga skill, you’ll meander your traditional Venetian craft to the nearest bàcaro to slake your appetite with sumptuous cicchetti and…a sparkling Prosecco sur lie, perhaps? Book your Cicchetto Row below!

Row and Eat Like a Venetian

An assortment of typical cicchetti and accompanying wines at Venice’s traditional bàcari is the perfect intro to the tastes of Venice without committing to a whole meal. These crostini concoctions are limited only by the imaginations of the proprietors who create them…and none of it will ever taste better than after a late-afternoon lesson, sipping and sampling as the sun sets, in a bella batelina that you rowed yourself. Everyone wants to eat local—though most haven’t the vaguest idea what that means. Being accompanied by a bàcaro devotèe means you might venture Venetian classics like piovra octopus, fluffy white bàcala mantecato (cooked codfish whipped with olive oil) on polenta, a savory hot polpetta meat or tuna, or pumpkin croquet, or a crostino with speck and radicchio…when you otherwise might pass them by. If your tastes are more conservative, don’t worry: there are plenty options for you, too).

And drinking?

Even if you “normally drink red”, we’ll suggest trying out some of the most impressive regional whites in Italy…or anywhere, for that matter. Just ask your instructor for wines made from varieties you’ve never heard of! (Have an exceptional passion for wine? Request one of our wine-specialist instructors.) And don’t worry about kids, or if you don’t imbibe, you will still find plenty of flavorful non-alcoholic options to slake your thirst.

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While we don’t get too ‘weird’ food-wise, this activity is designed for food and wine enthusiasts. Cicchetti are prepared with a wide variety of the freshest ingredients (fish and seafood, meats, vegetables and cheeses), and while we can try to adapt choices to minor dietary limitations, we can only choose from the selections available. If your diet is exceptionally restrictive, we suggest a late afternoon rowing lesson, after which we’ll point you to some nearby bàcari to sample on your own. If you have any questions, just let us know.

Details, Cicchetto Row

The Cicchetto Row lesson and outing lasts 2.5 hours. Start times are Jun-Aug, 17:30; Apr-May & Sept-Oct, 11.30 and 17.30; Nov-Mar, 11:30 a.m. only due to early sunset and chilly temps. Check the calendar below for availability.

It may not be available on holidays when wine bars are closed; check calendar for availability.

The cost (rowing or riding) is €250 for two people, €275 for three, and €300 for four. Cost includes food and drinks (alcoholic or otherwise). We also have one larger batela for groups of 5 only; the cost is €425 and you may book that directly, just choose Cicchetto Row, 5-person batela below.

There is no charge for children under 4 years; just be sure to include a note in the reservation comments.

Remember to specify any health-related dietary limitations such as allergies, celiac, etc., in the comments of your reservation.

Have more questions? Find answers in our FAQs. Otherwise, book below!