Last Minute?

For lessons less than 24 hours in advance, we are frequently able to organize a last minute booking for you.

For a lesson more than 24 hours in advance, book here.

For lessons during the next 24 hours ONLY:

  1. First, review lessons and cost here. Do not compete the form below unless you are sure you are interested in a lesson.
  2. Complete the form below. We will respond with available times according to our limited availability, especially April-October so please be as flexible as possible. Once we have agreed on a time,
  3. Book *any* future date and time on our website and note your preferred time in the Last Minute field.
  4. We will update your booking immediately and send a confirmation with the correct date and time.

You may also text one of the cell numbers at the foot of this page, make sure to include name, email, and specific availability.




Your Availability and language if not English*

IMPORTANT: To confirm your lesson we must schedule an instructor. You must stay available by email or text so that we can confirm your lesson time given the short notice. Thank you!