Venetian Rowing Lesson: Prova la voga

a prua in the Grand CanalWe’ll first concentrate on the basic stroke for rowing a prua (at the prow), in the boat without moving at first, the as we glide along a wide, quiet canal. We’ll then cross then into the wide open lagoon, where you’ll be encouraged to try rowing a poppa — steering the boat yourself at the stern just like a gondolier. We’ll then row back through the evocative side canals back to the drop-off point.

Our Boats: Belle Batele

Because the famous gondola are not appropriate for voga lessons, you will learn to row in our signature batellina coda de gambero, a much more stable and spacious craft. You can easily spot these rare, traditional, hand-crafted “shrimp-tail” or batele coda di gambero boats in any painting by Carpaccio, Guardi, or Canaletto: Once one of the most numerous in the city, they’ve almost disappeared today. VIVA and Row Venice are putting them back in primo piano, at center stage.

Larger Groups

If you have more than 5 people, we can arrange for multiple lessons, and/or multiple boats. Please write us with your requirements and we’ll arrange your booking.

Lessons details:

  • All lessons are private.
  • The cost for a 1.5 hour lesson (which includes a calendar membership in our non-profit association) is €40 per person, €80 minimum.
  • Lessons last 90 minutes
  • Lessons are regularly conducted English, French, German, and Italian of course; but we can book instructors who speak Japanese, and Chinese, depending on availability.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and flexible sports shoes; bring water & head cover on a hot day.
  • Have more questions? please see our FAQs

*** Book Your Lesson! ***

Note that rowing lessons are subject to weather conditions, such as rain or strong winds. Please be available by cell or e-mail within an hour of your lesson in case we need to get in touch.